Why Calm Execs

The Calm Execs project ran successfully for two years (2014 – 2016) Calm Execs was founded by three specialists who experienced feedback from clients that there was a need for professional executive level emotional development.

Change is an accepted part of life inside and outside of work. The speed of change is increasing to the point where the world is so plugged in now, that you can supposedly be enjoying leisure time, yet be observing your handsets and tablets 24/7 too. In this connected world the level of hyper awareness is high whilst simultaneously being put under pressure and facing immense challenges. The potential for executive burnout is huge.  This is a large investment risk for the business.

The clients we work with don’t wish to slow down. If anything they wish to fit more in but they run the risk of taking it too far.  Calm Execs provides proven, expertise and a toolset at the vanguard of personal development. This is specifically for execs and senior teams enabling them to be independent developers and proactive, creative leaders.

The tools and strategies that we introduce to our clients can be used simply to manage stress and pressure. They can however, if seized and used, expand mental and emotional horizons thus ensuring continual growth as individuals and teams. It’s this continual growth and expansion of horizons that provides accelerated development of ideas and challenges.  Ultimately the true measure of success in your business will be seen in the longevity and resilience of your senior teams.