Finding Your Passion

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In this series of articles we are going to start to unpick and review some of the content that we build into our Calm Execs workshops (for the next dates see the end).

When we founded Calm Execs 4 years ago it was based on some basic research that we had done.

Our headline findings were as follows –

  • Senior Executives do in general bear proportionately more stress and pressure than their teams
  • Senior Executives are likely to take notice and care of their teams emotional resilience but less likely to take care of their own.
  • Any work they choose to do in this area of personal development is unlikely to be with their teams for fear of appearing vulnerable.

As we designed what became our signature Resilience Retreat we wanted to help senior executives remove the barriers that we all put in the way of our own progress. More specifically the emotional boundaries we put in our own way.

Before we can do this, however, we wished to give our senior execs an opportunity to sit down and really consider whether the direction they are going is where they want to be heading. In other words, will everything they are doing support their ultimate goals and passions.

As a result we built into the retreat an initial session which was brought to us by Suzy Pool one of our original co-founders which is called the Passion Test.

The first thing to emphasise is that it is not a test. What it is, is a simple and yet profound method that gives you a systematic way to identify those things that are most important to you i.e. the things you love the most.

It is not until you truly work out what you want from life that you can start to see what you are putting in the way of achieving it.

Now I find myself writing and saying this a great deal. It is because I am aware of how cynical some people can be about the language we use such as passion and empowerment.

We are not tree hugging hippies looking to shine the light of spiritual goodness into your soul. We are pragmatic professionals that recognise that as humans we are at our best when we are working with or towards things that we are passionate about.

So what are the benefits of this session at the start of a resilience retreat?

  • Having our passions and goals front of mind increases are chances of achieving them.
  • Many people have not aligned their work with their passions – if this is the case they will be in tension which will be hindering them
  • Occasionally people find that their work is not aligned with what they really want to achieve…that’s alright it simply means you have choice available to you once you realise it.

By taking time out to study, review and look at what we really want we can bring clarity. Once we do this we can take action and start to remove the emotional blocks that we are putting in our own way.

This is just one part of a workshop that lasts two and a half days and which really challenges you to work on yourself with results that can be transformative over time.

We don’t promise fast results but we do promise insight, professional support and the opportunity for you to empower yourself.

Feeling skeptical? Suspicious even? That’s ok. A lot of our really satisfied clients were.

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