Rao Yoga_0044-1 2Sam is the director of Sam Rao yoga teacher training school in Berkshire. Over the last 12 years he has created a well established yoga community in the area, encouraging many of his students to take up teaching yoga and running a successful business for themselves.

Sam’s enthusiasm and vibrance is most inspiring and he brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching. His passion and learning for the human mind and body is fascinating. He encompasses every aspect of intelligence and well-being in his teaching programme and is himself a most inspiring and dynamic teacher.

Prior to becoming a yoga teacher Sam’s international career of travelling all over the world, selling software, whilst generating a good income, was proving to be bad for his overall health and also his family life. He made a conscious decision to change his career at the age of 55 after attending a yoga retreat. He took up the training programme and set up his own business as a teacher and now a teacher of teachers. He feels younger, healthier and happier than ever.