The Executive Resilience Programme

For Individuals and teams

Resilience is vitally important in this business environment and will continue to become more and more significant as change cycles shorten and teams become more challenged. Emotionally intelligent, resilient leaders and teams are vital both to manage relationships and to role model desired behaviours.

Calm Execs have designed and deliver a full programme of personal and emotional development materials. These empower individuals to take their development on to the next level, whether as leader or executive team member. By their very nature the materials are designed to give each individual delegate an experience that tailors their development, and their growth to their needs . The programme, run over the course of three days is designed specifically to create independent self development. Follow on support is available should it be requested although we do not see this as a significant part of the programme.

The programme comprises the following content –

  • Stepping out of Stress – our unique thought process
  • Dealing with our own criticisms and judgements
  • Dealing with feelings and emotions
  • Self Esteem / Arrogance – Walking the tightrope
  • An introduction to Mindfulness and Meditation – a pragmatic business focussed application
  • An experience with Acupressure
  • The physical manifestation of mindfulness and developing focus
  • Expressing feelings and emotions in a healthy environment
  • Identifying and setting your focus on the things that matter
  • Passion centred goal setting

The programme runs from 1 pm on a Wednesday to 5 pm on the Friday and includes stimulating topics, discussion, reflection and practice for up to 12 hours on the Thursday and 8 ½ hours on the Friday. It is our recommendation that delegates take a day of rest on the Saturday to build on the reflective processes they have learnt and to start the process of assimilating what they have gained into their life.

The success of this programme is not measured by the delegate feedback forms at the end but by what delegates carry into their life going forward.

Delegate feedback: “The course gives great insight into who you are, what are your emotional drivers and hot spots are and how you can use them.”