The A – Z of Emotional Resilience

B: Belief

So much is written about belief that it is hard to say any more. What we can add is that there is a deeply powerful source of energy that has almost unlimited potential that we tap into when we have true self belief.  Its power carries us through the challenges, the stalling and the backward steps that are inevitable on the pathway to success.  When we connect our self belief to our passion and link this with our emotional intelligence we can achieve anything we really want to achieve.

Best you can be – The best you can be is all you can be. It is the ultimate gratification of your current potential and skills at any moment in time. How many of us spend time wishing we had done better, looking to the future when we may be better and missing the great stuff we have done now, at this moment in time. Being the best you can be is a balance between stretching targets and appreciating yourself.  It’s the motivational side of mindfulness (see mindful). Truly catching yourself doing it right.

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