The Power of Time Out

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This brief article is, in a sense, stating the obvious. It is, however, often the obvious that escapes us when we are faced with multiple complex decisions. So, stating the obvious may help some who read this.

Calm Execs has been running, as an extension of the work of, and a successful collaboration between Julian Hall & Leigh McKay. When we sat down and designed the overall concept we focussed largely on the quality of the material (unique and insightful) and placed a premium on the experts (5 different experts) we would have supporting the retreat over two and a half days. It was almost implicit, and therefore obvious, that this combined all of these with the power of time out.

So why is time out so important? Here’s a few reasons why

We are losing the ability to rest

Time out is something we are increasingly losing in our busy, well ordered (well mostly) and action/task orientated lives. It is well accepted that the boundary between life and work has well and truly collapsed, or merged depending upon your point of view. Our lives are filled from morning to night but not always with quality thought and reflection that helps us be the efficient busy animals that we can be. Instead we are in danger of becoming mired in stuff, drowning in tasks, and finding it ever difficult to raise our heads above the waterline and just breathe and think.

Pressing Pause is Healthy  

When is the last time you stopped and devoted time to consider you and your emotional health? Our physical health has challenges but considered in the big picture of evolution and against the developing nations, we have never had it better physically. 200 years ago it would have been our physical health that stopped us achieving everything we needed to. These days, the real battle front is our emotional resilience. The emotional strength to carry one when all others cannot will make us standout from the rest. But, and it is a big and ironic “but,” in order for us to be able to carry on when others cannot we also need to be able to stop, do nothing, and reflect. We are not machines.

What is important changes

It is likely that, some time ago you took a step back and reflected on what was important. You then decided your direction of travel and started moving. The challenge that we are all faced with is that our priorities change. What is really important changes as we do. Sometimes, however, we are so heads down delivering on our commitments that we don’t even realise that we are changing and so what is important to us changes.

It is a statement that you are important

It is an overused statement but it is worth using again here…Self care is not selfish. Many of us have many people relying on us. Because of that we will often develop an attitude of what I Would name as over humility. It often comes from a place where at some point we realised that humility was important and that we were not as important as maybe our egos were telling us we were.

There is no doubt that, for many of us, that is an important step in our emotional development and would improve relationships with others a great deal. There is, however, a point at which it can be taken too far. When you have teams, staff, directors, their families and your own, all relying on you to make decisions that are effective this makes you really quite important.

Taking time out is an important step in recognising that the value you bring is supported and demonstrated by the way you take care of yourself.

You get your car serviced regularly by experts for the safety of you and your loved ones. Why not treat yourself and your essential emotional health as the same.

How does Calm Execs help?

Calm Execs is a resilience retreat that challenges and supports you to work out what is currently important and how to take away the obstacles that you unconsciously put in the way of achieving what is really important. It brings together 5 experts in their field with a carefully designed programme that supports the issues that our research tells us senior executives are challenged by.

We went to a lot of time and trouble to research, design, and test this programme. That’s why it works.

Being a senior executive can be lonely, if you let it. We bring groups and teams together. We share the experience and the learning. By doing this we increase the impact, deepen the learning and intensify the value that delegates get from the work they do and share.

The programme often develops a theme around choice. Personal choice and how we operate it effectively.

Of course, the first choice that everyone who attended, or booked their team on to it, made was to take some effective time out.

We have plenty of testimonials but I am regularly struck by the simple words of one of our first delegates who was introduced to us by his organisation as of our most challenging and demanding managing directors we have.He said am happy to talk to people on your behalf about how this changed my life.

If you would like to know more contact Julian on 07850 614042 or Leigh McKay on 07880326303

If you want to know more contact Julian Hall of Leigh McKay for a brochure or a confidential chat.

Our next open Calm Execs Retreat is 6th – 8th December just off the M25 in rural Surrey price £3499 per delegate. Price includes food, accommodation, working with 5 experts in their field and workbooks and materials.